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Mushroom & Cheese Chips

Mushroom & Cheese Chips

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Ideal for Pairing: These chips are a perfect complement to a variety of beverages, from soft drinks to wines, enhancing any social gathering or relaxing evening.

Decadent Flavour Fusion: Each chip bursts with the luxurious and creamy flavors of exotic mushrooms and cheese, offering an indulgent gourmet snacking experience.

Irresistible Ruffles Crunch: Savour the classic, satisfying crunch of Ruffles-style chips, which perfectly encapsulates the rich flavour profile.

Stylish and Convenient Jar Packaging: Elegantly packed in jars, these chips are not only a treat for the taste buds but also a visually appealing addition to any snack spread.

Innovative Taste for the Indian Market: Specially introduced to the Indian market, these chips bring a unique and exciting flavour combination, perfect for those looking to explore new taste sensations.

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